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Late update

Sorry for the late update, I’m been quite sick recently. I wouldn’t get much work done next week as well since it’s Chinese New Year, the school ain’t open for me to work in. Let’s move on!

Here’s me working on the lathe, machining four legs for the case out of billet aluminium.

In this instance the finishing doesn’t matter (also because I ain’t good at industrial finishing though I’ve done plenty of lathe work), as the legs are going to be painted in the end.

Tapped the fan for M6 and installed it at the back. At this point the mesh is starting to rust, and I’m in a dilemma. Can somebody please tell me, is rust good or not? One tells me, rust is good, it removes moisture and you can spray paint on it immediately. The other tells me (what we all know), sand the rust off and spray primer. Advice please?

I’m going to install another two of those blow fans on the top (like they say, hot air rises), but that’d be done later.

The power supply can’t be emplaced onto the floor of the case due to screw heads and whatnot, so I had to build a “platform” to give clearance. Here it is:

Going with the theme, I’ll painting this as an aircraft black box later on.

Done. Now we need a power supply for reference. Unfortunately I don’t have a power supply on hand, so I had to “make” one. Using the motherboard tray from the Cooler Master Elite 335, I made a reference dummy out of cardboard and a piece of wood.

So I aligned it with the back and cut out the mesh accordingly. Yeah, my teachers are being anal about the sharp edges, I don’t have U-Channel molding, and I can’t afford to buy anymore stuff, so I’ll either have to rip a piece of cable or use some aluminium to cover the edges. Frankly speaking, I have no idea at this point.

If only the Modder’s Mesh had more space between each row of holes, I would be facing this problem.

I began drilling out and cutting the portions for the motherboard tray, the backplate and the cable management routes. Filing the holes clean took me two days.

I made two pieces of brackets for mounting the optical disc drive.

Yes I know, 1 optical drive bay and two HDD drive bays makes the case look very cheap, and I have to admit that’s a mistake on my part. I’ll have to work harder for Gatecrasher.

Later I began work on the front panel, marking out all the dimensions and making the fan brackets.

One last question before I go, is it okay if the harddrive rack is below the fan? Or must it be exposed to airflow? I have a teacher who told me the harddrives can become hot, so I need an answer to this. If it doesn’t, I’ll leave it as it is. Or else I’ll need to make a vent of sorts to dump the intake air flow on the rack.


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Huge update (I guess.)

Well, my apologies for the huge period of absence, having a lousy internet connection, a phone battery that failed me and problem after problem within the building process. Nevertheless I want to thank those who continuously gave me support.

So i begin with tapping the beams to start construction on the harddrive cage. If somebody were to ask me, which part of the build did you hate most? Two answers. One, the harddrive cage. Seriously, it makes me wish I had a mitre saw capable of cutting aluminium. Second, the mesh. I’ll talk more about that later.

Beam after beam:

Half of it done.

It works! (However later on I had to cut off one level of the rack due to a misdone thread.)

Transferring onto the bottom of the case.

I cut the bottom with a press, which uses body mass to force the plates to be cut. This is why it’s such a good workout, literally I like to jump on that thing a lot. 🙂

Refitting the harddrive cage:

Modifying the holes accordingly:

Moving on, I cut a piece of EVA board to match the size of an ATX motherboard for reference:

I used the motherboard tray on the Elite 335 to make a draft of how I should have the tray cut:

I still don’t know how I’m gonna transfer those alignments to the actual piece yet though. Advice please?

Now comes the part that’s really a pain in the neck. I misaligned the holes of the first piece of mesh, and I ended up having to redo with another sheet.

Furthermore, there are so many screws that actually hold the mesh in place, so it’s disassembly, check, mark, reassembly, again and again. It’s really very tiring. I spent one whole day just trying to get rid of the portion for the PCI-E and I/O serial bracket.

Here I folded the mesh to try and make things neater, ended up with a mistake which lead to a gap on the mesh. I still don’t know how I’m gonna fix that problem yet.

Anyway I saw this article in the magazine “Popular Science” today in my school library, I’m inspired by the front grill design, I might consider using it for my personal build which I decided to call Gatecrasher 🙂

However that would need to wait as I definitely need to finish Interceptor first, and school’s gonna start in March. Besides, I spent so much on this case that it’d take some time before I can afford any more materials to begin building Gatecrasher.

So yep! This is all I have for now, I’ve purchased some black JCBC M6 machine screws, I’m going to go back to the bomb rack build soon.


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Sorry guys, I’ve gotten some work done so far but my phone’s battery is going loony so I sent it off for repair and I can’t take any pictures. I’ll have to wait until I get back my phone before I can do anymore work.


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Back to work again

I’m back from my little break with my classmates, it was awesome except the fact of miserable insomnia. Anyway I’ll try my best to get rid of this hangover feeling and begin work again. I won’t be doing any work on Monday because I’m going to collect my results for my national exams. With that in mind, let’s begin! I’m working on the “bomb rack” that separates the motherboard and the power supply. So here goes:

Using a press, I’ve made two covers of the rack.


Next, using a brake, I bent a strip of aluminium to form the contours.

I’ll fasten that to the covers once I finish cutting the brackets.

Here’s a little quick stack together to give you a rough idea:

I’m going to cut off the excess areas in the covers next and do a couple of structural design hues. Stay tuned. Note: I’m sorry to disappoint if you were expecting action photos, but Spydarax Systems is kind of a one man show here, so I can’t work and take photos all at the same time.


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Okay, so initially on the Mod Brothers, this project was called a simple case. Not kidding. Then I thought, I couldn’t leave this anonymous, all the other projects have names! So trying to whip up with the first cool word in my brain, I came up with Interceptor. Yet I didn’t want to leave it as a metal box with just a name on it, it had to have features right? So interceptor linked me to interceptor aircraft, so I thought maybe I’d take accents from the F22 Raptor or maybe even the F35 Lightning. So after some brain-storming, I’ve got a couple of ideas, please give comments!

Colour scheme, I was considering dark grey on the outside, pale grey for the internals, like a F22 raptor:

For the drive rack, I was considering rebuilding it to look like the bomb rail of a bomber plane, kinda similar to the one below:

In aircraft structural frames you notice there are skeletal elements within the design, I might consider doing that for the structural framework of the case.

I have a platform between the motherboard and the powersupply unit, so instead of just a platform, I’m thinking about making it look like a bomb rack from a fighter jet.

So we’ll see how everything goes.




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Preparation work

Today I received my package from MNPCTech, a package of Modders’ Mesh. The stuff is pretty rigid, good stuff! I’m using the round hole mesh.

This mesh will be bent to form the front and back of the case respectively.

Also today I spent quite some time out of the house, I went to the industrial park to get some “L”-shaped beams. I bought a metre of that stuff, if i knew it’s price tag earlier, i would have bought more, since the shop is two bus stops away from my school, which is really convinient.


I’ve marked out the lines and holes in order to make a couple of brackets. Wait.. a couple is an understatement. I’m going to tap the holes to M4, which means.. (lots of cutting; can spare that with a jigsaw though, lots of drilling, lots of tapping; the most frustrating part, not looking forward to it)

I’ll begin making the brackets this coming Wednesday in school, then I’ll be away for a short break of three days with my classmates, I can’t update then since I would not have internet connection. Have a good time modding guys!



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Small update

I’m getting things done at a slow pace, but I’m trying to make progress nevertheless. I want to get this done by March or April.

I screwed up on cutting the edge of the drive rack, when I used a pair of snips I ended up with sharp serrated edges like so:

Can anyone kindly advise me on how should I solve this problem? It’s very filmsy, even filing it is hard. So any other suggestions?

With that problem blocking my way, I guess I’ll have to move on to other parts first. I did a quick rendering, though the back PCI-E mounting cutout is a little low because I imported the model from my previous revision of the render.

The blue part in the model is actually a “U” shape for structural integrity and save costs on material. I’ll see if I have enough money and go buy a length of “L” beams to make 90 degree brackets. The front and back of the case are entirely made each from a piece of MNPCTech modders’ mesh, 24″ by 12″. I’m still waiting for that package to arrive (hopefully by tomorrow). So before that I’ll get cracking with the bottom (which holds the power supply) and the back of the case first.


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