The beginning of Interceptor

01 Jan

Okay so here it goes. If you’re from The Mod Brothers Forums, you’d probably noticed that I’ve started earlier, but I have to admit, that was a really bad start. The workplace is a mess, the planning was a mess, literally everything was in bad shape. So i’ve decided to clear up my room (partially because my younger brother is going back to school soon so the table has to be tidy), and begin anew.

The table’s a lot neater. Let’s begin shall we?

I’ve got a Cooler Master Elite 335 to work with, and I’ve dismantled it. Some of you may know, the front, bottom, and back and totally made out of one piece of stamped steel. In my opinion that would have been a good idea if we were building a case, but now we need to dismantle it. So unfortunately, I had to use a dremel to cut up the three sides. Sorry I don’t have a photo of that. But the cuts were rough so I won’t be using those panels, but using them for reference when I transfer them over to my cutouts.

Here’s a very vague drawing of my the finishing product, but it’s in my mind, so it is a blurry visualization. Like they say, nobody knows what’s in your brain. I’d try my best.

It’s supposed to be a regular box pc, but I drew it free hand so it might look kind of distorted. I don’t have enough time to make a rendering out of Cinema 4D for it anymore.

Okay, I’m going to begin with the somewhat easier parts. I’ve trimmed off the edge of the 5.25″ rack on top, and I’ve enlarged the holes with a round file so that I can fit in M4 screws. By the way the M4 screws I’m using are purchased from Daiso, stainless steel.

They’re of excellent quality, but they do come with quite a hefty price tag though once you take in account of the quantity.

Moving on, my friend does not require the 2.5″ bays, so I’m going to use the mounting holes to affix four support rods as this rack itself feels pretty filmsy.

(side note: I previously used these minus head screws, which came from electrical connectors. For the price it’s very cheap, but it simply didn’t have the desired aesthetics.)

So as said, I’d probably begin with the support rods first, I don’t own a lathe so I’d have to make a trip to the workshop in my school to get them done. More updates coming soon!


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