Small update

02 Jan

I’m getting things done at a slow pace, but I’m trying to make progress nevertheless. I want to get this done by March or April.

I screwed up on cutting the edge of the drive rack, when I used a pair of snips I ended up with sharp serrated edges like so:

Can anyone kindly advise me on how should I solve this problem? It’s very filmsy, even filing it is hard. So any other suggestions?

With that problem blocking my way, I guess I’ll have to move on to other parts first. I did a quick rendering, though the back PCI-E mounting cutout is a little low because I imported the model from my previous revision of the render.

The blue part in the model is actually a “U” shape for structural integrity and save costs on material. I’ll see if I have enough money and go buy a length of “L” beams to make 90 degree brackets. The front and back of the case are entirely made each from a piece of MNPCTech modders’ mesh, 24″ by 12″. I’m still waiting for that package to arrive (hopefully by tomorrow). So before that I’ll get cracking with the bottom (which holds the power supply) and the back of the case first.


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