Preparation work

03 Jan

Today I received my package from MNPCTech, a package of Modders’ Mesh. The stuff is pretty rigid, good stuff! I’m using the round hole mesh.

This mesh will be bent to form the front and back of the case respectively.

Also today I spent quite some time out of the house, I went to the industrial park to get some “L”-shaped beams. I bought a metre of that stuff, if i knew it’s price tag earlier, i would have bought more, since the shop is two bus stops away from my school, which is really convinient.


I’ve marked out the lines and holes in order to make a couple of brackets. Wait.. a couple is an understatement. I’m going to tap the holes to M4, which means.. (lots of cutting; can spare that with a jigsaw though, lots of drilling, lots of tapping; the most frustrating part, not looking forward to it)

I’ll begin making the brackets this coming Wednesday in school, then I’ll be away for a short break of three days with my classmates, I can’t update then since I would not have internet connection. Have a good time modding guys!



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