04 Jan

Okay, so initially on the Mod Brothers, this project was called a simple case. Not kidding. Then I thought, I couldn’t leave this anonymous, all the other projects have names! So trying to whip up with the first cool word in my brain, I came up with Interceptor. Yet I didn’t want to leave it as a metal box with just a name on it, it had to have features right? So interceptor linked me to interceptor aircraft, so I thought maybe I’d take accents from the F22 Raptor or maybe even the F35 Lightning. So after some brain-storming, I’ve got a couple of ideas, please give comments!

Colour scheme, I was considering dark grey on the outside, pale grey for the internals, like a F22 raptor:

For the drive rack, I was considering rebuilding it to look like the bomb rail of a bomber plane, kinda similar to the one below:

In aircraft structural frames you notice there are skeletal elements within the design, I might consider doing that for the structural framework of the case.

I have a platform between the motherboard and the powersupply unit, so instead of just a platform, I’m thinking about making it look like a bomb rack from a fighter jet.

So we’ll see how everything goes.




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