Huge update (I guess.)

17 Jan

Well, my apologies for the huge period of absence, having a lousy internet connection, a phone battery that failed me and problem after problem within the building process. Nevertheless I want to thank those who continuously gave me support.

So i begin with tapping the beams to start construction on the harddrive cage. If somebody were to ask me, which part of the build did you hate most? Two answers. One, the harddrive cage. Seriously, it makes me wish I had a mitre saw capable of cutting aluminium. Second, the mesh. I’ll talk more about that later.

Beam after beam:

Half of it done.

It works! (However later on I had to cut off one level of the rack due to a misdone thread.)

Transferring onto the bottom of the case.

I cut the bottom with a press, which uses body mass to force the plates to be cut. This is why it’s such a good workout, literally I like to jump on that thing a lot. 🙂

Refitting the harddrive cage:

Modifying the holes accordingly:

Moving on, I cut a piece of EVA board to match the size of an ATX motherboard for reference:

I used the motherboard tray on the Elite 335 to make a draft of how I should have the tray cut:

I still don’t know how I’m gonna transfer those alignments to the actual piece yet though. Advice please?

Now comes the part that’s really a pain in the neck. I misaligned the holes of the first piece of mesh, and I ended up having to redo with another sheet.

Furthermore, there are so many screws that actually hold the mesh in place, so it’s disassembly, check, mark, reassembly, again and again. It’s really very tiring. I spent one whole day just trying to get rid of the portion for the PCI-E and I/O serial bracket.

Here I folded the mesh to try and make things neater, ended up with a mistake which lead to a gap on the mesh. I still don’t know how I’m gonna fix that problem yet.

Anyway I saw this article in the magazine “Popular Science” today in my school library, I’m inspired by the front grill design, I might consider using it for my personal build which I decided to call Gatecrasher 🙂

However that would need to wait as I definitely need to finish Interceptor first, and school’s gonna start in March. Besides, I spent so much on this case that it’d take some time before I can afford any more materials to begin building Gatecrasher.

So yep! This is all I have for now, I’ve purchased some black JCBC M6 machine screws, I’m going to go back to the bomb rack build soon.


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