Late update

30 Jan

Sorry for the late update, I’m been quite sick recently. I wouldn’t get much work done next week as well since it’s Chinese New Year, the school ain’t open for me to work in. Let’s move on!

Here’s me working on the lathe, machining four legs for the case out of billet aluminium.

In this instance the finishing doesn’t matter (also because I ain’t good at industrial finishing though I’ve done plenty of lathe work), as the legs are going to be painted in the end.

Tapped the fan for M6 and installed it at the back. At this point the mesh is starting to rust, and I’m in a dilemma. Can somebody please tell me, is rust good or not? One tells me, rust is good, it removes moisture and you can spray paint on it immediately. The other tells me (what we all know), sand the rust off and spray primer. Advice please?

I’m going to install another two of those blow fans on the top (like they say, hot air rises), but that’d be done later.

The power supply can’t be emplaced onto the floor of the case due to screw heads and whatnot, so I had to build a “platform” to give clearance. Here it is:

Going with the theme, I’ll painting this as an aircraft black box later on.

Done. Now we need a power supply for reference. Unfortunately I don’t have a power supply on hand, so I had to “make” one. Using the motherboard tray from the Cooler Master Elite 335, I made a reference dummy out of cardboard and a piece of wood.

So I aligned it with the back and cut out the mesh accordingly. Yeah, my teachers are being anal about the sharp edges, I don’t have U-Channel molding, and I can’t afford to buy anymore stuff, so I’ll either have to rip a piece of cable or use some aluminium to cover the edges. Frankly speaking, I have no idea at this point.

If only the Modder’s Mesh had more space between each row of holes, I would be facing this problem.

I began drilling out and cutting the portions for the motherboard tray, the backplate and the cable management routes. Filing the holes clean took me two days.

I made two pieces of brackets for mounting the optical disc drive.

Yes I know, 1 optical drive bay and two HDD drive bays makes the case look very cheap, and I have to admit that’s a mistake on my part. I’ll have to work harder for Gatecrasher.

Later I began work on the front panel, marking out all the dimensions and making the fan brackets.

One last question before I go, is it okay if the harddrive rack is below the fan? Or must it be exposed to airflow? I have a teacher who told me the harddrives can become hot, so I need an answer to this. If it doesn’t, I’ll leave it as it is. Or else I’ll need to make a vent of sorts to dump the intake air flow on the rack.


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