Finishing up

26 Feb

Sorry I’m really lagging behind. So far I’ve been working as a teacher assistant in the workshop, been taking classes everyday so I really don’t have time to update the worklog. Okay, let’s go!

Working on the front panel:

Forgot to tell you guys, I had to ditch the theme as I don’t have much time left to work on the thing. Sorry to disappoint you guys. Furthermore the level of expected workmanship is simply not there, I’m embarrassed to say it’s my work. Rather than “Interceptor” it should have been called “Frankenstein reincarnated” or something like that instead. Geez disappointment.

Cutting the bracket to mount the I/O serial:

I actually lathed a small holder to glue in the speaker:

Cutting the side panel:

Salvaged a PC a couple of weeks ago which I can take the parts for test fitting.

Cutting the slot for optical drive.

Yep, the power supply unit fits.

The ugly bracket below is what I had to do to affix the front panel. Unfortunately.

Top panel:

Fabricating a cover for the exhaust on top:

A little off the top eh? …

Making rims for the sides so that the sides can be mounted.

I didn’t really like the top exhaust cover being that tall and all, so I re-did one out of acrylic. Colour doesn’t bother me, since everything is painted.

Finishing one side of the cover.

A small window for the other side:

I cut out the window using a cold chisel, since the jigsaw was out of my operation at that point of time, but trust me, it sucks. The whole thing will just bump up. Always use a saw if you can. (I still wish I had a laser cutter or a water jet)

And so the other door is also done.

I started priming the parts, going to go buy paint tomorrow.

Yep my choice of primer is Krylon. Reason being Nippon’s primer is kind of rubbish though it’s cheap and Rustoleum is very expensive (though I already overshot my budget by five six times)

Sanding the rest of the parts to prep for priming.

To conclude, this is my first case build, granted, I feel it’s very very ugly, but I have learnt a lot from that whole crapload of mistakes that I’ve made, and hopefully my next project will turn out better.




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