Back where it all began

06 Mar

Today I went all the way across Singapore (literally, the transport fare costs me about 8 dollars) to Bukit Panjang to collect the motherboard tray that I had ordered. On my way back I decided to take bus 965, which meant I could get off at Yishun. Then the whole experience kicked in again when I got off the MRT. The entire place has changed so much I couldn’t even recognise it anymore. North Point used to be a mall I spent everyday of my childhood at. Now it’s this huge shopping mall that tons of people just go to shop and eat. So much has changed, yet so much remains the same. That coffee shop, that garden, that race track, all those child hood memories just literally took me breathlessly in waves. I wanted to go back and see if Jun Qi was still staying the old block that I used to live in, but I was afraid; what if she didn’t recognise me anymore? In the end I didn’t get to go there. Though I really wished I could get the chance to talk to my friends at Chongfu Primary when I was still young. Eventually the thoughts flooded me, I cried on the bus on my way back home. I don’t remember much of my childhood, yet that place held too much for me.


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