Reminders to XMS Art Club students

09 Mar

Reminder 1: Glitter work
– All who did not hand in their work today must hand in on the next art club session, 23 March 2011.
– Members who were absent on the previous session of Art Club are exempted.
– All works must be submitted in either a sealed plastic bag or a zip-loc bag.
– Do not attempt to fake absence as attendance will be checked.

Reminder 2: Discipline issues
– Any absence from CCA activity MUST be accompanied with a proper medical certificate accordingly.
– Print 2 copies of your medical certificate: One for your form teacher and one for your CCA teacher.
– With effect from 2010, parents’ letter is not permitted for excuse from CCA unless under special circumstances determined at the choice of the CCA teachers.
– Any absence from CCA without proper documentation submitted is classified as truancy with a 5 demerit point penalty.
– With three strikes, the member may be considered for expulsion from the CCA.
– Discipline action will also be taken accordingly.
– At any point of time in participation of CCA activity each week, CCA attire is a MUST, unless otherwise mentioned.
– Those exempted without CCA attire are to wear proper school attire.
– Any member who does not comply will be punished. This includes 6 rounds around the parade square with 60 push-ups, together with the fine implemented. Punishment may vary accordingly under the instruction from the CCA teacher.

Reminder 3: CCA funds
– Please pay Seryun SGD $2 for club funds on 23 March 2011.
– Also pay SGD $2 for the charity art competition.
– Total amount payable on 23 March 2011 : SGD $4

Reminder 4: Charity Art Competition
– This competition is compulsory.
– Theme: Lend a Helping Hand
– Each entry requires a donation of SGD $2.
– Research field: Cerebral palsy children (their challenges, disabilities, needs, showing care and love)
– Final submission piece to be done on A3 international paper, paper orientation (landscape/ portrait) does not matter.
– At the BACK of your art work, draw a box on the TOP LEFT hand corner, and fill in these headings and details:

Telephone number:
Category: Secondary

***- This piece of work MUST be submitted on Monday, 21 March 2011.

Reminder 5: I’MM THE ECO DESIGNER competition

– This competition is compulsory.
– Theme: Eco
– Requirement: Participants have to draw/ decorate/ re-engineer (HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED) the T-shirts provided. (Shirts will be sent to the school after the registration procedures have been settled. )
– Shortlisted finalists will be contacted by phone, and need to be present for the competition on either 9, 19, 16 or 17 April 2011 at IMM Garden Plaza Level 3.
– Participants given a competition timeslot at a later date MUST report at the venue 30 MINUTES before the event begins.
– Winners will be notified by phone from The Barnett Group.
– Winners need to present their letter, original receipt and NRIC for verification at the prize giving ceremony on 24 April 2011, from 5pm to 8pm.


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