Pretty nice day :D

21 Mar

I got my approval to start building Gatecrasher! Though initially I wanted to do milling as I got my inspiration from the MOD Men PC, I’m kinda restrained by the fact that I don’t have a milling machine available to me, so there goes originality. 😦 Instead, the typical boring way: I went to Hai Chew on a “shopping spree”, bought 24 feet of aluminium beams for building the frame.

Anyway, today I spent most of my day helping out in the rifle range, revamped the place a bit, built a row of beams to hang the shooting jackets. Darn those stuff are heavy. The original work was done with wrong wall anchors, the jackets caused the whole thing to break and the wall brackets came off. So I had to re-work the brackets with Mr Roslee after he went to Hai Chew to purchase the right ones. The floors were painted also, not by me though. However Mr Roslee and I were discussing whether we should paint a white stripe on the floor between the red “Live” firing zone and the blue zone. Might look nicer. Also the wall in the corner is going to get a framed mirror for shooters to dry-fire, so that should be interesting. After all, it does look like a fashion store now 😀



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