Move aside, Gatecrasher ramming through!

22 Mar

Project Gatecrasher begins!

As soon as I got my permission to start working, I went on a “shopping spree” and bought 24 feet of aluminium “L” square profile.

Initially I wanted to work on milling blocks of 1 and 2 inch thick acrylic, after being much inspired by the MOD Men PC, but I could not find a manual milling machine to use. Hence we have to do it the way that I really dislike (the boring way): build a frame.

My school’s mitre saw does not have the blade to cut aluminium, so I’ll have to cut and file the mitre joints by hand.

At spearpoint! πŸ˜€

Visually they fit, but then again, remember doing it by hand is never as accurate as a one-shot slice by a saw. Hence I decided not to use screws to fit them together, but to glue the “tiers” together with my personal favorite:

Devcon Plastic Steel Epoxy!! This stuff is amazing, it can even cure underwater! πŸ˜€

Okay so moving on, pre-fit without the adhesive first:

Yep that’s the Lian Li Q6 atx motherboard tray. πŸ™‚

More updates soon! I’ll try to stay consistent, I promised the Head of Department that I’ll finish the frame within a week.


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