Minor update on frame building and idea generation

26 Mar

So the gluing begins!

I cut small triangles to glue into the corners to further reinforce the structure.

These four pieces were initially the sides of the “box” but I realised due to miscalculations they are too short. (Fancy calling a 50cm tall frame, not case, short? LOL) Nevermind, it ain’t wasted, I cut them down further to use them as rails to mount 3 x 120mm fans on top


I used a piece of blue foam to create a proper spacing while the epoxy cures. Prepping the drill press to drill the mounting holes for the 120mm fans. Apparently none of the templates I found on the internet worked. They claim “printing full scale” will work properly, yet when I measured them with a ruler none of them were 12 cm heh heh, so I did it the old way 🙂

I built another one of this (without the fan rails) for the bottom, but I realised that due to not using a machine to cut the parts, the alignment for the side brackets are off. My technician told me the difference would not matter much, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have to rebuild the bottom tier with the sides aligned.

Okay now time for some inspiration. I wanted to make the top of the case look like a bicycle helmet, but I don’t have any experience working with fibreglass, so that is out of my league. Instead, I decided to take a look at this:

Making the panels pretty much like the head, with a side access, not sure whether I want to hinge the panel yet or not. So the idea is to build a box, attach it to a base pretty much like the robot’s neck with structural struts. The base, I was inspired by the following robot’s waist component:

If you can zoom in you would see the framework, etc.

Lastly this. Rifles? Yes, but no. I was thinking of paint details, much like the cartridge boxes’ printed text shown in the picture.

These three images are credited to Aaron Beck, an artist for Weta workshop (the one that makes amazing movie models, such as those in District 9) Check out his blog for more amazing stuff!

Little note: There will not be any progress on Monday since the computer vendor told me to pick up my laptop on Monday, yet I need to spend a good three four hours there to configure my laptop.


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