Mixed feelings

26 Mar

Today was sports day. Funny how my mum said she’d wake me up at 6am yet she totally forgot about it and I found myself in bed at 8am.  Oh well. Nonetheless sports day was all the hype again, houses competing with one another. Even though we didn’t win, good job Scorpion house! 🙂

Josie and Shirley told me and Arthus to help them hold the banner, and yet we ended up being “flagpoles” for an entire hour XD

After the event I went out to eat with a few friends, and I realised dad texted me regarding the laptop. I’m pretty annoyed with the vendor. I took one and a half hour to get there yet they told me they had no stock. The website told me that if I purchased on site it would save me 5 hours of pre-configuration. That means that when I purchase it, it’s pre-configured right? No. I found out that I need to go down to block T18 to get it done by myself, not by the technicians. Seriously, could you at least phrase it properly? Geez, I expected more. And now I have to make my way down again on Monday so pretty much all plans on Monday are cancelled. Typical senseless people.

Anyway I went to buy some stationery just to prep for school, nothing much entirely.

When I got back to my flat I realised that the pest buster was back again! This time with photos!

Volksvagen beetle (get the pun? insect terminator?), a bee painted on it, and the phrase painted on the fender: who you gonna call? Pest buster

Pretty cool, i’d say. Definitely props for creativity.

Next, a little notice for Art Club students just in case you forgot to check the notice board:

The visit to the Singapore Art Museum next week is on Wednesday, at 3pm, meet at the foyer for the bus. Those with remedial inform Miss Lin or Miss Aisha so that they can inform your teachers for exemption.

Okay that’s done. Lastly on a more serious note:

It is this day that many of us lost a dear one to us. She was a strong girl who never complained of her predicament, yet always being the cheerful one. She continuously soldiered on despite knowing how ill she was, for this I salute you. You shall always be honored to us. We will always remember you. Thank you for making us strong. Rest in peace.

I remember how I could not stop crying back then two years ago, losing all appetite for any of my meals and nearly losing my mind. I could not stop thinking about how I just lost 3 people close to me within 15 years of my life, and even hallucinating of you walking around in the classroom and in school. Nonetheless I have gotten over the pain, yet I believe we all remain scarred. You have been a very precious friend to me.

Rest in peace, 26 March, 2009.



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