Okay, so maybe taking the bus wasn’t entirely a good idea..

28 Mar

Yep. Today I went to collect my mobile workstation from the vendor at the roadshow. I wanted to try out my travel options to school, so I decided to take the public bus to school. I took 147 ( i compared the routes of 74 and 147, i thought they were similar so I took 147). Behold, rather than just getting to school, I got more than what I had bargained for. The ride to school took me 2 hours 30 mins, and it took me all around sunny Singapore. I went to red hill, queenstown, bras besah, the art museum, chinatown, bendeemer, potong pasir, farrer park, outram park, the singapore river, geez. the list goes on. Literally.

And what could I have done within that time? Well, I could have nearly reached Hong Kong ( the flight from SG to HK takes 2 hrs 50mins)

And so, lesson learnt. NEVER take the bus 147 to Singapore Polytechnic. 🙂

Heh anyway I was lucky, my technician was a pretty good one, and we got the config done in 20 minutes. It funny to imagine how some people took 3 or 4 hours to get it done. Actually I just got lucky since the students were having a bet to see who could help config people’s laptops the fastest. So yeah my “team” won. 🙂

And so I took the MRT back to school, and today the worst thing happened to me. My epoxy failed me, the whole frame that I build for my computer just broke apart. Geez, I’ve only got two weeks left. I’m pretty much screwed. Oh well.


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