What a small world

29 Mar

Why do I say so? Today I was invited to lunch with Mr Kasmuri and Mr Roslee after the sec 4 dnt class. Mr Kas drove me to Ang Mo Kio ave 6, at a particular hawker centre. Mr Kas ordered malay food for us (my very first bowl of mee rebus lol) and I asked Mr Roslee if the stall was very popular since there was a long queue. Then he told me, the stall owners were Hady Mirza’s parents. Geez small world.

Anyway this morning we got into a jiffy with the same dude again. Seriously mister, you need to watch your manners. A security breach validates us to actually kick your butt out. Sometimes your behaviour really disgusts me when I think of how old you are and who I am.

Nonetheless to the other XMS audience reading this page, I’ll be working my final two weeks in Xinmin up to Home coming day, which pretty much seals my 5 months of volunteering here. So if you’ve got questions or stuff to ask, better make it quick! 🙂


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