Crash and burn

01 Apr

Attaching the sides of the case.

Yep, I was wrong. My epoxy failed. After three days the joints all broke apart. So it was time for plan B. I riveted the case together. Lots of them.

I had some left over 1 inch thick acrylic * (read below) which I wanted to build two “pillars” to prop up the PSU tray, but it didn’t go very well due to the incredulously lousy properties of acrylic:

Yep. It cracked. There goes a solid block to waste. In fact, I didn’t have a mill on hand so I used a scroll saw, I broke one blade, next using the coping saw to cut away the melted acrylic and loosen the blade cost me another broken blade. Literally, this stuff is exhaustive. So it was a bad idea. Time to rethink.

Anyway improvisation, I decided to move on to the side rails for the 3 x 120mm intake fans. Could somebody just tell me, do you mount the filters in front of the intakes or behind the intakes?

Done with the drilling. I should make myself a reference template soon, rather than ramming fan holes with the hand drill everytime.

Anyway I got myself a sheet of 2 ft x 2ft aluminium that’s really thin for 12 dollars today. Yes, one thing, it’s expensive. I know that. Second, I wasted quite a bit of the sheet trying to build a harddrive cage. However there is one good thing about it though. It can be cut really easily. I mean, the store owner simply scored it with the penknife a few times and broke the piece. For me however, I chose to use a rolling cutter to score it and break it off on a bench vise.

So like what I said previously, the harddrive cage failed so I tried something different, rivetting the rails to the back of the case. So literally, the whole thing is A thing. When I paint it the whole thing gets painted altogether. Covering the back with a sheet of aluminium does give the opportunity for some interesting painting ideas, though I couldn’t show the photo since the camera’s battery died just as I took the previous photo.

Okay so on the course of this venture I’ve met with quite a bunch of problems. In fact, a lot of problems. First, acrylic stock material from Japan is in short order, right now I’ve been posed with the damned problem of acrylic trippling in price. What used to be 17 dollars for a sheet of 5mm thick 1m x 2m acrylic now costs 55 dollars. The price tag just gives me one more reason to hate working with acrylic. Plenty full of dust, melting extremely easy, breaking tools in the process, not really THAT impact resistant, and now the price tag is worse than aluminium. So in other words, you could say I did my project at a really wrong time. I had the budget for the old price tag, now I can’t do it. Also, the other problems I face, I need to finish this project in a week before school starts. I have absolutely no confidence that can be done. And I’m out of budget. Which seriously sucks. Anybody have an I/O serial board or switches to spare?




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