Back at it again

05 Apr

Okay I’m left with three days. The plan is to see how much I can do, then the rest, I’d either get bits done at home or wait till the school holidays to get it finished.

So here’s the plate that covers the back.

Calculating the numbers to make the harddrive locking bracket:

Recently from dismantling some clothes hangers for the rifle range , I collected a bunch of M6 allen head screws with a long screw head, so I cut up the thread to reduce the length and used them as thumbscrews. (Cutting costs in a simple manner. They are black oxide, but slightly rusted, might consider painting them.)

So here’s the bracket assembled in:

Yep it works.

I wanted to work on the power supply tray, I had the idea after dreaming for two hours on a lazy afternoon, but after building one tier it just looked wrong. Somewhat unpractical. So moving on, we’ll leave that lying around first.

So leaving that aside, I went ahead to make a fan shroud, since I wanted the cold air from the topmost intake fan to stay around for a while before getting sucked out by the exhaust. I’m still using the standard 1.5mm thick aluminium sheet, but one of a stiffer grade.

Drilled with four holes and screwed in with more of those screws:

Lastly I attached a small piece of bracket to the motherboard tray so that I have more surface area to attach it to the face plate. Although I think it’s slightly blocking the motherboard I/O, I can’t be sure. I’ll have to fit a motherboard tomorrow to check.


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