The faster things go

07 Apr

Another photo from yesterday:

Tomorrow’s my last day. I realised that the nearer the deadline, the more progress I make. Strange eh? Taking time for granted I guess.

I chose another piece of stiff grade aluminium and cut out the front plate. It’s bolted in but it’s not entirely complete as I’ve not purchased the power switches and front I/O board yet, so I’ll just leave it aside first.

I also grinded down the corners slightly so that they’re not so deadly.

Early work on the power supply tray:


Yep it works.

So I’m left with a bunch of problems. I don’t bother about the I/O or switches, I can take time to save up the money. Painting can be done back at home, it’s the fabrication that I’ve worried about. I don’t have ample equipment at home (though I have a hammer drill, cordless dremel and corded dremel), I can’t possibly have a sheet stamper and brake at home. I better pray that I am able to get access to these in the workshop in the polytechnic. Also another engineering problem: How do I go about constructing the power supply tray so that the structure is capable of supporting the entire top portion of the case? Oh well, crossing bridges as we get to them.



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