So now I’m on my own

08 Apr

Today was my last day working in secondary school. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish rushing the project, although I pretty much expected that to happen.

Anyway let’s begin with today’s little bit of detail:

Finished the two tiers of the power supply undercarriage, and then I rivetted them together with the bigger variety of pop rivets; 5.5mm diameter rivets.

Riveting the frame took 16 rivets. But it was a heck load of arm exercise. 😛

I wanted to lathe some support rods to prop up the top part, but as luck would have it, both lathes are not working! 😦

Anyway prefit:

I have no actual idea how tall this thing is. All I know is that thing is taller than a full tower. The top part is 50cm tall. The bottom was 17cm (I think). So yeah. It’s one heck of a height.

Anyway I did paneling for the bottom:

That’s all for now. I’ve got to make use of my own resources to work about now, so I’m pretty sure from here on the progress is just gonna be slow. Hope I don’t experience anymore problems with this.



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