Minor update on frame building and idea generation

So the gluing begins!

I cut small triangles to glue into the corners to further reinforce the structure.

These four pieces were initially the sides of the “box” but I realised due to miscalculations they are too short. (Fancy calling a 50cm tall frame, not case, short? LOL) Nevermind, it ain’t wasted, I cut them down further to use them as rails to mount 3 x 120mm fans on top


I used a piece of blue foam to create a proper spacing while the epoxy cures. Prepping the drill press to drill the mounting holes for the 120mm fans. Apparently none of the templates I found on the internet worked. They claim “printing full scale” will work properly, yet when I measured them with a ruler none of them were 12 cm heh heh, so I did it the old way 🙂

I built another one of this (without the fan rails) for the bottom, but I realised that due to not using a machine to cut the parts, the alignment for the side brackets are off. My technician told me the difference would not matter much, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have to rebuild the bottom tier with the sides aligned.

Okay now time for some inspiration. I wanted to make the top of the case look like a bicycle helmet, but I don’t have any experience working with fibreglass, so that is out of my league. Instead, I decided to take a look at this:

Making the panels pretty much like the head, with a side access, not sure whether I want to hinge the panel yet or not. So the idea is to build a box, attach it to a base pretty much like the robot’s neck with structural struts. The base, I was inspired by the following robot’s waist component:

If you can zoom in you would see the framework, etc.

Lastly this. Rifles? Yes, but no. I was thinking of paint details, much like the cartridge boxes’ printed text shown in the picture.

These three images are credited to Aaron Beck, an artist for Weta workshop (the one that makes amazing movie models, such as those in District 9) Check out his blog for more amazing stuff!

Little note: There will not be any progress on Monday since the computer vendor told me to pick up my laptop on Monday, yet I need to spend a good three four hours there to configure my laptop.


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Mixed feelings

Today was sports day. Funny how my mum said she’d wake me up at 6am yet she totally forgot about it and I found myself in bed at 8am.  Oh well. Nonetheless sports day was all the hype again, houses competing with one another. Even though we didn’t win, good job Scorpion house! 🙂

Josie and Shirley told me and Arthus to help them hold the banner, and yet we ended up being “flagpoles” for an entire hour XD

After the event I went out to eat with a few friends, and I realised dad texted me regarding the laptop. I’m pretty annoyed with the vendor. I took one and a half hour to get there yet they told me they had no stock. The website told me that if I purchased on site it would save me 5 hours of pre-configuration. That means that when I purchase it, it’s pre-configured right? No. I found out that I need to go down to block T18 to get it done by myself, not by the technicians. Seriously, could you at least phrase it properly? Geez, I expected more. And now I have to make my way down again on Monday so pretty much all plans on Monday are cancelled. Typical senseless people.

Anyway I went to buy some stationery just to prep for school, nothing much entirely.

When I got back to my flat I realised that the pest buster was back again! This time with photos!

Volksvagen beetle (get the pun? insect terminator?), a bee painted on it, and the phrase painted on the fender: who you gonna call? Pest buster

Pretty cool, i’d say. Definitely props for creativity.

Next, a little notice for Art Club students just in case you forgot to check the notice board:

The visit to the Singapore Art Museum next week is on Wednesday, at 3pm, meet at the foyer for the bus. Those with remedial inform Miss Lin or Miss Aisha so that they can inform your teachers for exemption.

Okay that’s done. Lastly on a more serious note:

It is this day that many of us lost a dear one to us. She was a strong girl who never complained of her predicament, yet always being the cheerful one. She continuously soldiered on despite knowing how ill she was, for this I salute you. You shall always be honored to us. We will always remember you. Thank you for making us strong. Rest in peace.

I remember how I could not stop crying back then two years ago, losing all appetite for any of my meals and nearly losing my mind. I could not stop thinking about how I just lost 3 people close to me within 15 years of my life, and even hallucinating of you walking around in the classroom and in school. Nonetheless I have gotten over the pain, yet I believe we all remain scarred. You have been a very precious friend to me.

Rest in peace, 26 March, 2009.



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Move aside, Gatecrasher ramming through!

Project Gatecrasher begins!

As soon as I got my permission to start working, I went on a “shopping spree” and bought 24 feet of aluminium “L” square profile.

Initially I wanted to work on milling blocks of 1 and 2 inch thick acrylic, after being much inspired by the MOD Men PC, but I could not find a manual milling machine to use. Hence we have to do it the way that I really dislike (the boring way): build a frame.

My school’s mitre saw does not have the blade to cut aluminium, so I’ll have to cut and file the mitre joints by hand.

At spearpoint! 😀

Visually they fit, but then again, remember doing it by hand is never as accurate as a one-shot slice by a saw. Hence I decided not to use screws to fit them together, but to glue the “tiers” together with my personal favorite:

Devcon Plastic Steel Epoxy!! This stuff is amazing, it can even cure underwater! 😀

Okay so moving on, pre-fit without the adhesive first:

Yep that’s the Lian Li Q6 atx motherboard tray. 🙂

More updates soon! I’ll try to stay consistent, I promised the Head of Department that I’ll finish the frame within a week.


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Pretty nice day :D

I got my approval to start building Gatecrasher! Though initially I wanted to do milling as I got my inspiration from the MOD Men PC, I’m kinda restrained by the fact that I don’t have a milling machine available to me, so there goes originality. 😦 Instead, the typical boring way: I went to Hai Chew on a “shopping spree”, bought 24 feet of aluminium beams for building the frame.

Anyway, today I spent most of my day helping out in the rifle range, revamped the place a bit, built a row of beams to hang the shooting jackets. Darn those stuff are heavy. The original work was done with wrong wall anchors, the jackets caused the whole thing to break and the wall brackets came off. So I had to re-work the brackets with Mr Roslee after he went to Hai Chew to purchase the right ones. The floors were painted also, not by me though. However Mr Roslee and I were discussing whether we should paint a white stripe on the floor between the red “Live” firing zone and the blue zone. Might look nicer. Also the wall in the corner is going to get a framed mirror for shooters to dry-fire, so that should be interesting. After all, it does look like a fashion store now 😀



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Final update to project Interceptor

Laying down the vinyl letters for the window.

Reassembled top exhaust:

Painting and coating sequence queues:

With this everything comes to a close, apart from the soldering work which I will do tomorrow, it’ll be packed with styrofoam and sent in a Scroll Saw box that I found laying in the workshop to my friend’s house over in the weekend.

This is my first case build, and plenty of lessons learnt.

1) Krylon’s camoflage series is pretty amazing.

2) Krylon’s matte clearcoat is a pain in the butt to use. Not only is the overspray very heavy, the plunger requires a lot of force to press, I nearly ended up with blisters on my trigger finger.

3) When using thin aluminium sheet ( I used 1.5mm), don’t forget to reinforce the plates, or else flex is a severe problem.

4) Nippon’s paint may be slightly unacceptable, but the clearcoat is superb.

5) MOST IMPORTANTLY, ALWAYS WATCH YOUR BUDGET. (I overshot by I think 7 or 8 times. Frankly speaking I lost count.)



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Reminders to XMS Art Club students

Reminder 1: Glitter work
– All who did not hand in their work today must hand in on the next art club session, 23 March 2011.
– Members who were absent on the previous session of Art Club are exempted.
– All works must be submitted in either a sealed plastic bag or a zip-loc bag.
– Do not attempt to fake absence as attendance will be checked.

Reminder 2: Discipline issues
– Any absence from CCA activity MUST be accompanied with a proper medical certificate accordingly.
– Print 2 copies of your medical certificate: One for your form teacher and one for your CCA teacher.
– With effect from 2010, parents’ letter is not permitted for excuse from CCA unless under special circumstances determined at the choice of the CCA teachers.
– Any absence from CCA without proper documentation submitted is classified as truancy with a 5 demerit point penalty.
– With three strikes, the member may be considered for expulsion from the CCA.
– Discipline action will also be taken accordingly.
– At any point of time in participation of CCA activity each week, CCA attire is a MUST, unless otherwise mentioned.
– Those exempted without CCA attire are to wear proper school attire.
– Any member who does not comply will be punished. This includes 6 rounds around the parade square with 60 push-ups, together with the fine implemented. Punishment may vary accordingly under the instruction from the CCA teacher.

Reminder 3: CCA funds
– Please pay Seryun SGD $2 for club funds on 23 March 2011.
– Also pay SGD $2 for the charity art competition.
– Total amount payable on 23 March 2011 : SGD $4

Reminder 4: Charity Art Competition
– This competition is compulsory.
– Theme: Lend a Helping Hand
– Each entry requires a donation of SGD $2.
– Research field: Cerebral palsy children (their challenges, disabilities, needs, showing care and love)
– Final submission piece to be done on A3 international paper, paper orientation (landscape/ portrait) does not matter.
– At the BACK of your art work, draw a box on the TOP LEFT hand corner, and fill in these headings and details:

Telephone number:
Category: Secondary

***- This piece of work MUST be submitted on Monday, 21 March 2011.

Reminder 5: I’MM THE ECO DESIGNER competition

– This competition is compulsory.
– Theme: Eco
– Requirement: Participants have to draw/ decorate/ re-engineer (HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED) the T-shirts provided. (Shirts will be sent to the school after the registration procedures have been settled. )
– Shortlisted finalists will be contacted by phone, and need to be present for the competition on either 9, 19, 16 or 17 April 2011 at IMM Garden Plaza Level 3.
– Participants given a competition timeslot at a later date MUST report at the venue 30 MINUTES before the event begins.
– Winners will be notified by phone from The Barnett Group.
– Winners need to present their letter, original receipt and NRIC for verification at the prize giving ceremony on 24 April 2011, from 5pm to 8pm.


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Back where it all began

Today I went all the way across Singapore (literally, the transport fare costs me about 8 dollars) to Bukit Panjang to collect the motherboard tray that I had ordered. On my way back I decided to take bus 965, which meant I could get off at Yishun. Then the whole experience kicked in again when I got off the MRT. The entire place has changed so much I couldn’t even recognise it anymore. North Point used to be a mall I spent everyday of my childhood at. Now it’s this huge shopping mall that tons of people just go to shop and eat. So much has changed, yet so much remains the same. That coffee shop, that garden, that race track, all those child hood memories just literally took me breathlessly in waves. I wanted to go back and see if Jun Qi was still staying the old block that I used to live in, but I was afraid; what if she didn’t recognise me anymore? In the end I didn’t get to go there. Though I really wished I could get the chance to talk to my friends at Chongfu Primary when I was still young. Eventually the thoughts flooded me, I cried on the bus on my way back home. I don’t remember much of my childhood, yet that place held too much for me.


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